1. Great Gatsby!

    Another weekend come and gone with new memories to fill my heart. I had the incredible honor of doing the wedding for Chris and Emily, the owners of The Modern Man.

    When we began the consulting process, I met with Emily and her best friend Alicia (who I must thank for referring Emily to me). The theme of the wedding was to be: The Great Gatsby. Being obsessed with clothing and cars and architecture of that period, I was ecstatic. So much so, that a couple days before the wedding I watched the movie again, just to get into the spirit of her wedding.

    I had the amazing opportunity to break out of current floral trends and design with orchids and tulips in a luxurious design that Emily picked out. Putting the bridal bouquet together is always special becasue I feel very trusted to create the accessory that just makes a bride a bride. Emily wanted a feather of her Grandmother’s and a locket with a photo of her Dad incorporated into the design. Having lost the father figure in my life at a young age, my heart knew how meaningful those two items would be. After thinking long and hard, I decided not to make them subtle elements, but bold decor becasue I wanted her to feel like her father was on her arm, walking her down the isle. I carefully sewed the pieces on and was hopeful she would like the placement.

    Set up of the wedding was a remarkable experience becasue it was the first wedding I have been to in a decade in which every single guest came dressed to the nines! Everyone wore period pieces that were not costumes in any way. From the jewelry, to spatz, to jackets - it was like walking onto the set of a movie. Perfectly beautiful.

    As a florist, I often just get a glimpse of the day as once the setup is complete and my bride is confident that everything is in place, it is time to wish her a magical day and leave. I drove away smiling and hopeful it was everything she dreamed of.

    On Monday, I was waiting for a consultation with a potential bride at St. Honore’ on Division, where I do the weekly flowers and hold my consultations. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Emily’s Mom and Step Dad walking up to me! She gave me the biggest hug and I could see in her eyes that I did my job well. She proceeded to tell me all about the wedding, showed me fantastic pictures, and honored me by telling me what my work meant to her, her family, and Emily. I probably cried 15 times in that 15 minutes becasue the love and warmth and happiness. She even had her picture taken with me.  She gave me some words that were a gift to my heart, that I am sure I will never forget. I went home absolutely proud.

    Upon sitting down to my computer, I found a letter from Emily with photos of her day.

    Dearest Florist,

    Thank u from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful joy your arrangements brought to my special day! What a blessing you were. Your magic touch was all I needed as the icing on the cake. Thank u so much! I will be sure to pass the word around about your business. U got a good thing going.

    Here are a fun unprofessional photos from the big day!

    My brother cried when he saw my bouquet. The touch with the daddy locket was so sentimental to us kids. Executed perfectly.

    Once again thank you!! It couldn’t have turned out better.


    I feel my reply to her didn’t scratch the surface at what I wanted to say to her because words just feel feeble when you are bursting with emotion.

    Emily - if you are reading this - you and your family are forever in my heart. It was an honor to work with you. I say that with the most gravity. You looked right out of a perfect photograph - so beautiful. Every detail perfect. XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX. Now….  Will your family adopt me? Seriously. :)

    I can’t wait to see the photos that your photographer took!


  2. Review from the lovely Tiffany H.

    * * * * *

    My wedding was gorgeous thanks to Miranda at INTIMO (and Mt. Hood)!

    When I came to INTIMO to talk about what I wanted for our tiny, rustic wedding space all I knew is that I wanted wild flowers with a muted blue/ purple motif. I had zero flower vocabulary and had no idea what my needs were as far as how many flowers were needed and what I needed them for! Luckily, my ignorance was noooo problem. This company is expert in recommending the right amount of flowers for the space you have, the people in your wedding and the fixtures you want to accentuate (and they will help you with details you may not even have considered as they are wedding pros… and most of us are not).

    On my wedding day, the flowers were all I had imagined… My hair piece, my bridal bouquet, the flower headbands of the flower girls, all the corsages, the flower girl baskets, the tables, the candelabras, and the buffet looked beautiful.

    I truly could not have been happier with the service and the outcome and I recommend them to everyone.


  3. Review from the lovely Leah D.

    * * * * *

    Miranda at Intimo didn’t just do my flowers, she saved the day!

    Yes, the flowers were gorgeous. Miranda met with me several times before the wedding to get an idea of what types of flowers I liked, my wedding colors, and what my budget was. We came up with a great plan and she kept me posted all the way! The bouquet turned out beautiful and so did all the corsages and boutonnieres.

    The real magic happened on the day of the wedding. While my day of helper was busy setting up the food and other tasks, Miranda totally stepped in to soothe my nerves and help me get ready. She gave me detailed instructions on how to hold my bouquet to show it off beautifully without getting my dress wet. She was incredibly professional, helpful, and a dream to work with! She made me feel so calm and at ease on my big day. It was so great to know that the wedding flowers were something I didn’t have to worry about.

    I highly recommend Miranda and Intimo for your wedding flowers! She is wonderful!

     Review from the charming Jason B.

    * * * * *

    As the groom and the type of person who tends to be unenthusiastic about details and logistics, planning the decorations for our wedding was a daunting prospect.  However, Miranda at Intimo made the undertaking the easiest part of the entire wedding, and the results were better than I could have imagined.

    Miranda was incredibly professional, reassuring, and helpful. My wife and I (well, more my wife than I) had a few ideas as to what we wanted in the way of flowers, decorations, and general color themes; Miranda took our ideas and made them not only real, but good.  She listened carefully to our fairly rough outline and quickly fleshed out the details with us, with the end result being a floral theme that was in harmony with the rest of the decorations, the wedding location, and indeed our own personalities.

    On the day of the wedding, everything was taken care of - the flowers looked fantastic.  I got to drink champagne and chat with guests rather than having to worry about the decorations - that was truly priceless.

    I recommend Miranda and Intimo highly.  Miranda is a gifted floral artist; she loves what she does, and it comes out in her work.  Her efficiency, artistic sense, eye for detail, and genuine friendliness amount to exceptional service and first-rate results.


  4. Review Site Renegade

    A couple months ago, a certain review site that I actually really like, decided that some of the reviews posted by past clients had the potential to be spam and the site filters pulled them off of my site. It really bummed me out because three people had written very thoughtful and wonderful reviews that really helped potential clients learn about us.

    After doing some digging, I discovered the reviews buried within my administration panel. While there is no way for me to have the reviews re-posted on the  original site, I can copy and paste them here for your viewing pleasure.

    I am copying them exactly as written and am so honored and grateful for the kind words my clients have written.


  5. Me and master baker, Dominique Geulin, at the grand opening of his newest St. Honoré Boulangerie at 3333 SE Division Street.

    I had the honor of doing the grand opening flowers, decorating the store for Christmas, and am providing the weekly flowers for the Division St. Honoré. In working with the store, I can not speak more highly of any business owner I have ever met. When you talk to Dominique’s employees about him, most light up and seem almost star struck. Now, that is respect and something to learn from.

    If you get a chance, stop in during the day for an amazing pastry or at night for fantastic ciders on tap paired with a tarte flambe or house made pate. The ambiance of the fantastic interior design will make you feel like you stepped off of the streets of Portland into your favorite neighborhood boulangerie in France. (Many of the details were actually handmade in France for the store.)

    When you work with Intimo, the bakery is where I hold the consultations. My flowers are always on display and it is the perfect place to plan your big day over a delicious treat. Trust me - it beats my work space. I really believe in intent and urge all my brides to consciously make every part of planning a wedding special. It is easy to get caught up in the stress of a planning and forget that in many ways, the planning will be more memorable simply becasue it will take months for an event that will only last hours. Take the time to consciously celebrate every aspect of planning. Stop and do something you wouldn’t normally do, like have a glass of champagne with a friend after accomplishing tasks on your to do list. I promise you that walking down a road full of smiles and laughter will only enhance the magic of your wedding day. Remember - happiness breeds happiness and stress only breeds stress.

    Dominique is a perfect example of that motto to me. He exudes a certain kindness and love of life when you meet him and that attitude infects everyone around him.


  6. So often we see just the polished parts of a wedding through the eyes of being a guest or through looking at the final photos of the big day. These photos are rough, but working behind the scenes at this wedding was priceless.

    The Silcox Hut at Timberline Lodge is a breathtaking location to get married. Between the amazing view, fantastic building, roaring fireplace and an absolutely friendly staff - it was impossible to not be full of smiles while working.

    Hope you enjoy some behind the scenes shots from the wedding. Remember - a wedding is not just the big day. Enjoy the experience of planning, coordinating, and putting the final touches together. Take time to do special things to ease the stress of planning. It will make your big day stretch out and give you weeks worth of special moments to cherish.


  7. Woot! Woot! We are very proud to have been part of a wedding that has been featured on WeddingChicks.com.

    Take a peak at: http://www.weddingchicks.com/2013/11/01/portland-backyard-wedding/


  8. Kindness…

    A long time ago, I accepted a piece of cake from a homeless man. His hands shook as he cut the cake. He was very self conscious about how dirty his hands were. At that moment, I learned that by saying yes I did more for him than all the times I gave him money or food.

    For many months, he stopped in at the place I worked becasue I frequently gave him treats for his dog or some spare change in exchange for a little work. I could tell he was a good man deep down and came to understand that his time in the service in Vietnam forever scarred his brain and soul. I can’t say I did much for him, but I never kicked him out and treated him as an equal.

    The day he came in with the cake was just a couple days before Christmas. He told me he had scraped money together and bought the cake so that he could give pieces to everyone who had been nice to him. That really touched me, but his next words shredded my heart. He told me I was the first person to accept a piece and that he had visited nine other people to thank them. The sadness on his face was the longest shadow I have ever seen.

    Yesterday, as I was walking my dog, I smiled at a man who was collecting bottles and said hello. After I passed he called to me, picked a rose from the yard he was standing near, and gave it to me. It was a really nice gesture and the flower has brightened my house tremendously.

    People are in the habit of refusing offers from strangers, yet it is a subtle and unconscious form of rejection.  I write these words becasue it reminded me that just as important as giving kindness is, receiving it is just as important and powerful.

    Between receiving a flower from a stranger, being taken out for a nice meal, and all the fantastic write ups I have received for my work this week - I am overwhelmed and incredibly grateful. Muah!


  9. photos by the talented Yasmin Khajavi

    When you live in Portland, you come to know certain faces very well.  They are often just people you meet and just greet in passing, but occasionally you meet someone that just strikes you as fantastic though there is no real reason for the feeling. Holly was one of those people from the first time I met her and over the years - each meeting has solidified  that impulsive feeling.

    This summer, I had the incredible honor of doing the flowers for her wedding. It was one of the most last minute weddings I have ever done. I believe it was at her rehearsal party that we talked about the final design.

    The day before her wedding I walked into a very empty flower market. The season was late and for whatever reason, other florists had bought what felt like everything. Luck was clearly on Holly’s side that day and I was able to find the only remaining peonies tucked away and nearly forgotten becasue they were completely wrapped in newspaper. When I unwrapped them and discovered they were even in the color she wanted and the most fantastically fragrant flowers I have ever worked with - I could have fainted with joy.

    Showing up at the wedding location, the Overlook House, was an experience in itself. Her friends went all out and transformed a casual backyard into a true event that oozed the feelings of joy, comfort and fun. Every detail was tied together, guests dressed the part, and the wedding party complimented and accentuated the beauty of the lovely Holly.

    Today, her wedding was featured on WeddingChicks.com. Because it just feels good to be part of something you are proud of, I was thrilled to click on the link and see the write up. What I did not anticipate was reading words directly from Holly and feeling truly thanked for the small part that made her day all the more magical.

    After the wedding, there were a number of vases of flowers left that had not found a home with guests. I asked if they could be donated to a nursing home I have a personal connection to. It is place that provides long term care for elderly and terminal people who are low income. (I hate to say it is one of the most heart breaking places on earth.)  Holly was happy that her flowers could continue to brighten the day and gave her nod of approval.  Three guests of her wedding volunteered to help and followed me to the home. Fate clearly was working with us becasue the number of vases was EXACTLY the number of people living on the floor of the home we delivered them to. It was a perfect end to a fantastic day.

    It is the small things in life that make everything better. Having met a beautiful woman over 10 years ago was a small thing that has since grown into something large and beautiful. I am truly thankful for that moment.


  10. Just saw some of the “sneak peaks” from the fantastic photographer, Katie Prentiss (katieprentissphotography.com), of the beautiful Tiffany and Shiloh. I had the incredible honor on being the florist, hair stylist, and an official witness.  I can not wait to see more pictures and write about the amazing day.